Wednesday 22nd December

Tutorial 09.00-

The Art And Science Of 3d Interaction - See Full Description


Three-dimensional (3D) interaction is an exciting field of research which promises to allow users to perform tasks freely in three dimensions rather than being limited by the 2D desktop of conventional graphical interfaces. Applications of immersive and desktop virtual environments (VEs), augmented reality, and ubiquitous computing all require efficient and usable 3D interaction. However, spatial interaction is not well- understood and presents significant new challenges that are not addressed satisfactorily by traditional 2D human-computer interaction (HCI) research.

In this tutorial, the presenters will de-mystify the process of creating 3D user interaction metaphors. The emphasis will be on interaction in VEs, but the tutorial will apply to all types of 3D interfaces. Attendees will receive both intuition into the design of such interfaces (art) and the latest data regarding systematic evaluation and development (science). Both experienced researchers and those new to VE interaction design should benefit from the presentations. Special attention will be given to practical guidelines and common myths of 3D interaction.


Doug A. Bowman (Georgia Institute of Technology / Virginia Tech)

Ernst Kruijff (Bauhaus-University Weimar)

Joseph LaViola (Brown University)

Ivan Poupyrev (ATR International and Hiroshima University)