Wednesday 22nd December, 1999

Parallel Session 1 - Short Papers: 09.00 -

Formations and Collaborative Virtual Environments

Dave Lloyd & Steve Benford
Communications Research Group
University of Nottingham

Meetings for real - Experiences from a series of VR-based project meetings

Olov Stahl
Interactive Collaborative Environments Laboratory
Swedish Institute of Computer Science

Bengt Serenius
Communication Services
Telia Research AB

Gustav Taxén
Centre for User Oriented IT Design

Simple User-Centered HMD Calibration for Augmented Reality

Anton L. Fuhrmann, Dieter Schmalstieg and Werner Purgathofer
Institute of Computer Graphics
Vienna University of Technology

The Kahun Project: CVE technology development based on real world application and user needs

Daphne Economou, William L. Mitchell, Steve Pettifer, Adrian West
Department of Computing and Mathematics
Manchester Metropolitan University


Advanced Interfaces Group
The University of Manchester

Perceptual continuity, and the relaxing of synchronisation in networked virtual environments

Steve Pettifer and Adrian West
Department of Computer Science
The University of Manchchester

Interactive Virtual Studio & Immersive Viewer Environment

Laehyun Kim, Heedong Ko , *Moonho Park, *Hyeran Byun
Korea Institute of Science and Technology and *Yonsei University

Constraint-based Task Planning in Virtual Assembly

Hanqiu Sun, Tong Ngai Man, Wu Lam Fai
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Networking Components for Distributed Virtual Environments

M. Oliveira*, D. Brutzman+, J. Crowcroft*
*University College London, UK

+Naval Postgraduate School, USA

A Real-Time Generation Algorithm of Progressive Mesh With Multiple Properties

Guangzheng Fei [1] Enhua Wu*[1,2]

[1] Lab. of Computer Science, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

[2] Faculty of Science & Technology, University of Macao, Macao

Collision Detection and Response

G. Hotz, A. Kerzmann, C. Lennerz, R. Schmid, E. Schmer, T. Warken
Computer Science Department,
Saarland University

Rudiments for a 3D Freehand-Sketch based Human-Computer-Interface for Large-Scale Virtual Environments

Oliver Bimber
Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics

Using Virtual Reality For Network Management: Automated Construction of Dynamic 3D Metaphoric worlds

P.Gros, P.Abel, D.Loisel, C.Russo Dos Santos (*), J.P. Paris(**)

(*)Eurecom Institute, (**)CNET France Telecom

Visualising Logic Programs in Virtual Worlds

T.Panayiotopoulos, S.Vosinakis, S. Kousidou, L. Balafa
University of Piraeus, Dept. of Informatics

Piraeus, Greece.