A Router Implementation of Pragmatic General Multicast

31 Dec 2001
Now available: Document outlining the possible future extensions to the rPGM project.
Available in: (MS Word 97) (Postscript)

Also available: rPGM Document Tmplate (MS Word 97) - Standard template for rPGM documentation

21 Dec 2001
A document is currently in the process of being written to outline the various options available and the directions in which the project can progress.

Project Overview
Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM) is a reliable multicast transport protocol that aims to provide reliability and scalability within IP multicast data communications. The main goal, as outlined within RFC 3208 is to cater for:
         ...applications that require ordered or unordered,
         duplicate-free, multicast data delivery from multiple
         sources to multiple receivers.  PGM guarantees that a
         receiver in the group either receives all data packets
         from transmissions and repairs, or is able to detect
         unrecoverable data packet loss.
rPGM is a router implementation of the Pragmatic General Multicast protocol. The initial implementation has been carried out at the kernel level in FreeBSD. This implementation provides most of the functionality required of a PGM capable router. Further work is now being carried out to extend this implementation with a planned focus on:
  • Moving the implementation into user space
  • Operating System independance
  • GRA Services

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