UCL Experiences with High-Speed Pilots

J. Crowcroft, M. Handley, A. Hutton, N. Ismail, P. Kirstein, D. Lewis, P. Su, Broadband Islands '95, Proc. of the Fourth International Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 4-6 September 1995, Vesticom, Dublin, 1995, pp 77-90

Abstract: Many of the papers in the Broadband Islands conference treat the experience of using various networks for particular projects. University College London (UCL) has a set of such projects, mostly involving the Department of Computer Science (UCL-CS). These projects have involved the testing of emerging wide area high speed infrastructure for various application traffic types and the piloting of multimedia applications over this infrastructure. This paper describes some of the activities of such projects which have been put together at UCL both using SuperJanet and the European ATM Pilot (EUATMP), and the experience we have been gaining in their use.