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  • Intel Center on Sustainable Connected Cities†[Oct 2012 - Jan 2018]
  • 3cixty (EIT-ICT Labs): a Platform for Apps and Services Offering Comprehensive Views for City Visitors [Jan 2014 - Dec 2014]
  • Travel Dashboard (EIT-ICT Labs): a Framework for the Delivery of Personalised Mobility Services to Urban Travellers [Jan 2013 - Dec 2013]
  • iTOUR (EC): intelligent Transport system for Optimized URban trips. [Feb 2010 - Jul 2013]
  • Community Folks (EC). [Sep 2010 - Mar 2012]
  • TUCANS (EPSRC): Trusted Group Coordination for Pervasive Computing Systems. [Apr 2007 - Sep 2010]
  • EmotionSensing (EPSRC Vacation Studentship Bursary): Analysis of Emotions in Twitter Egonetworks [Summer 2010]
  • UtiForo (EPSRC): Pervasive Computing Support for Market Trading. [Oct 06 - Dec 09]
  • FriendSensing (EPSRC Vacation Studentship Bursary): Implementation and Evaluation of the FriendSensing Framework for the BlackBerry Platform [Summer 2009]
  • AMIS (Nuffield): Autonomic Middleware for Intelligent ubiquitous Systems. [June 06 - May 08]
  • T-UT (EPSRC Vacation Studentship Bursary): Implementation and Evaluation of a Trust-based Community Model within the Urban Tapestry Framework. [Summer 2007]
  • gTrust (EPSRC Vacation Studentship Bursary): Enhanced Pervasive Service Discovery and Selection based on Trust Group Reasoning. [Summer 2006]

Staff & Students

Current PhD
  • Timothy Douglas (EPSRC DTP). Analysing and Modelling Post-Pandemic Social and Societal Changes.
  • Vasco Mergulh„​o. Modeling Adoption of New Energy Services in Sub-Saharan Rural Communities (second supervisor; first supervisor: Dr Priti Parikh).
Completed PhD
  • Chris Smith-Clarke†(Google Doctoral Fellowship): Data mining for social good. PhD Student. PhD 2021.
  • Martin Dittus (EPSRC/Intel): Collaborative practices in crowdsourcing tasks.†EngD VEIV student. PhD 2017.
  • Alessandro Venerandi (EPSRC): Quantifying community well-being from social media data. EngD USAR student.† PhD 2017.
  • Martin Traunmueller (Intel): A quantitative approach to evaluate and develop theories on (fear of) crime in urban environments. PhD 2017.
  • Lucia Del Prete. Personalised Discovery in Mobile Environments. PhD 2012.
  • Afra Jahanbakhsh Mashhadi (EPSRC): Content Dissemination in Participatory DTNs. PhD 2011.
  • Valentina Zanardi (EPSRC): Addressing the Cold Start Problem in Tag-based Recommender Systems. PhD 2011.
Past Staff
  • Giovanni Quattrone (EIT ICT Labs):†Intelligent Transports Systems. Research Fellow.
  • Desi Hristova (EC): Intelligent Transports Systems. Research Assistant 2011-2012.
  • Afra Jahanbakhsh Mashhadi (EC): Intelligent Transports Systems.†Research Fellow 2011-2012.
  • Neal Lathia (EC):†Intelligent Transports Systems. Research Fellow 2010-2011.
  • Sonia Ben Mokhtar (EPSRC): Pervasive Social Computing. Research Fellow, 2008-2009.
  • Aitor Urbieta: Service Composition for Ambient Intelligence. Visiting PhD Student, 2009
  • Matteo dell'Amico (EPSRC): Trust Propagation based on Competence and Intent. Visiting PhD Student, 2007