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licia - 2014

Reader in Pervasive Computing

Software Systems Engineering Group & ICRI Cities
Department of Computer Science
University College of London
Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, UK
office: MPEB 7.17
: +44 20 7679 3708
fax: +44 20 7387 1397
e-mail: l.capra@ucl.ac.uk


    • Paper "VoxBox: a Tangible Machine that Gathers Opinions from the Public at Events" with C. Golsteijn, S. Gallacher,  L. Koeman, L. Wall, S. Andberg and Y. Rogers accepted at TEI 2015 [PDF]

    • Paper "There’s No Such Thing as the Perfect Map: Quantifying Bias in Spatial Crowd-sourcing Datasets" with G. Quattrone and P. De Meo accepted @ ACM CSCW 2015 [preprint]

    • Paper "Measuring Urban Deprivation from User Generated Content" with A. Venerandi, G. Quattrone, D. Quercia and D. Saez-Trumper accepted @ ACM CSCW 2015 [preprint]
    • Paper "Mood Squeezer: Lightening up the Workplace through Playful and Lightweight Interactions" with S. Gallacher,  J. O' Connor, J. Bird, Y. Rogers, D. Harrison and P. Marshall accepted @ ACM CSCW 2015 [PDF]

Upcoming Conferences & Workshops Deadlines
  • ICWSM (abstract/paper submission deadlines: 18/23 January 2015)
  • KDD (paper submission deadline: 20 February 2015)
  • UIC (paper submission deadline: 31 March 2015)
  • FSE-NIER (paper submission deadline: 7 June 2015)