Jon Crowcroft's past PhD students

Zheng Wang was at Bell Labs and his thesis

Brijesh Kumar, was at Motorola, then Glenayre, Canada. Now at Ennovate

Tony Ballardie now at NGN Ltd and his thesis .

Paul Francis was at Bellcore, NTT, then briefly at ACIRI and now is at Fast Forward Networks and his thesis

Paul Dourish was at Xerox PARC shortly to be at UC Irvine and his thesis

Ian Wakeman at Sussex University and his thesis

Mark Handley at ACIRI and his thesis

Isidor Kouvelas at Cisco and his thesis

Peter Kim was at HP labs, Bristol, now has returned to native Germany and is working at Siemens - and his thesis

Ken Carlberg at SAIC and UCL, and his thesis

Nadia Kausar was at Level3,a now cisco, and her thesis

Paul White now consulting, and his thesis is offline at the mo...

Thannasis Tiropanis now working on FORM at UCL, and his thesis

Adil Qureshi and thesis

Anna Bouch i 2nd supervised.

Atanu Ghosh (UTS), currently hacking in icsi, who is also making minor corrections to his draft thesis.

Konstantina (Dina) Papayannaki (Sprint)

me, was at UCL, now in Cambridge and most of my thesis are also around if you really must see:-)

Recently Examined at other places

Frank Stajano, Cambridge
Lloyd Wood, Surrey
Rory Graves, Sussex