Management of Multaservice Networks

BT Funded University Research Initiative on ATM

This project comprised a 5 year plan (oct 94-sep 99), for 6 partners to carry out extensive basic research into the Management of Multiservice Networks, in partcular focusing on SuperJANET. Who will benefit from this?

A recent draft paper for the BT Technology Journal describes the work at year 4.5.

Partly powered by a generous donation of a large number of MSDN licenses recently by Microsoft

The partners are:

Our sponsor, has at least one BT WWW server. The BT Project Coordinator is Ian Marshall

The first three are connected via PDH (soon to be SDH) and have on site ATM switches and hosts. The last three are on the 10-34Mbps SMDS service on superJANET.

And what of ATM