HIPPARCH '98 Workshop Program

Procedure for CNIS

10 am room 229, UCL CS, Gower St.

10.00-10.15 Intro/Admin/Announcements + advice for speakers

10.15-11 Keynote, invited speaker: Ian Wakeman on Application level active nets Safetynet Slides

=========11.00-11.30 Coffee======

11.30-1.00 Application Management

11.30 Application Level Active Networking M Fry, A Ghosh, UTS
12.00 A Naming Approach for ALF Design M Fuchs, C Diot, T. Turletti, M Hoffman
12.30 Fast Group Management in IGMP L Rizzo, U of Pisa

==========1.00 - 2.00 Lunch=====

2.00 - 4.00 Multicast

2.00 Invited Speaker Brian Levine - talk based on Improving Internet Multicast with Routing Labels, reference: B.N. Levine, J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves, ``Improving Internet Multicast with Routing Labels,'' IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP-97), October 28 - 31, 1997. p. 241-250.
2.30 QOS Multicast through 1-many join K Carlberg, J Crowcroft, UCL/SAIC

=======3.00-3.30 Break======

3.30-5.00 End to end questions

3.30 PRMP: A Scaleable Polling-Based Reliable Multicast Protocol M Barcellos, P Ezhilchelvan, Newcastle
4.00 Reliable Multicast Requirements for Multimedia Conference Control N Kausar, J Crowcroft, UCL
4.30 Improving HTTP Caching Proxy Performance with TCP Tap D Maltz (CMU), P Bhagwat (IBM)

========7.00 Project Banquet at Ask Pizza, Grafton Way.=========

Day 2 9.30am, room 229

9.30 - 11 Network QoS

9.30 Invited Speaker Richard Gibbens on pricing elastic traffic.

10.00 Experimental Results on Weighted Proportional TCP Throughput Differentiation Panos Gevros, UCL
10.30 Notes on a network QoS information model for making adaption decisions S. Bhatti, G. Knight, UCL, CS

=========11.00-11.30 Break=======

11.30-1.00 ALF Video

11.30 Invited Speaker, Richard Black on Pegasus/Multimedia Capable operating systems
12.00 Network Conscious GIF Image Transmission over the Internet P Amer, S Iren, G Sezen, P Conrad, M Taube, A Caro, UDel
12.30 Transport of Video over Partial Order Connections Luis Rojas-Cardenas, Emmanual Chaput, Laurent Dairaine, Patrick Senac, Michel Diaz, ENSIZA, LAAS-CNRS
1.00-2.00 Lunch

2.00 - 3.00 Application Level QoS

2.00 WWW Multicast Delibvery with Classes of Service Paul White & Jon Crowcroft, UCL
2.30 Total Management of Transmissions for the End User, a Framework for User Control of Application Behaviour S Ardon, R e Silva, R Landfeldt, A Seneviratne, UTS

=======3.00-3.30 Break======

3.30-5.00 Variable Bandwidth Networks

3.30 Invited Speaker Andrew Campbell on "The Mobiware Toolkit" and slides
4.00 A Reservation Multiple Access Protocol for Integrated Services in Cellular Packet Networks Minseok Kang and Steve Wilbur, UCL
4.30 Adaptive end-to-end compression for variable bandwidth communication Bjorn Knutsson & Mats Bjorkmann
5.00 Wrapup.....