The Crowcroft/McKeever family

on my side, Roy White in Ebbw Vale has worked out that all Crowcrofts , as far as anyone has discovered, come from one single family tree, which has been traced back accurately to Samual Crowcroft who was born in 1710 in Askern north of Doncaster, and he and various Crowcrofts lived for a time in Campsall. Their Son Samuel Crowcroft (1761), who had a descendent Heber (1851) whose had a son Hebe (we think), whose son Jim, was my father's father.

Going earlier that 1710 is tricky in the area, as records are flakey.

Here is my family, Noreen, with Patrick (1997), Daniel (1993) and Alice (1989).

Noreen and Patrick Danial and Patrick Me Alice and Patrick