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Jaš Šemrl

Department of Computer Scinece
University College London
j.semrl (at) cs.ucl.ac.uk

I am a research student at the Department of Computer Science, University College London. My main interests include Relation Algebra and its Applications, Formal Logic, Graph Theory and Computational Complexity. I am a member of the PPLV Research Group and the Foundational AI CDT. I have received my MEng in Computer Science from UCL in 2019.

My work concerns Finite Representability Property in Relation Algebra. It is not known for many reduct signatures of Relation algebra whether finite members of their representation class are finitely representable. Furthermore, most of the existing results are negative. Additionally, the state of the art research does not provide many other properties that ensure a finite structure will be finitely representable. For example, the finite representability of finite Relation Algebras with a flexible atom remains open.

Finite representability property provides us with desirable guarantees regarding computational complexity of reasoning about these structures. Provided it comes with an explicit construction, it may also enable us to easily switch between the concrete and the abstract structures. This is encouraging as such structures can be used for many practical purpuses like spatial reasoning and modelling program correctness and termination.

My Work

2021 Domain Range Semigroups and Finite Representaions

Šemrl, Jaš. "Domain Range Semigroups and Finite Representaions." In proceedings of RAMiCS 2021.

Published Version Preprint

2021 Demonic Lattices and Semilattices in Relational Semigroups with Ordinary Composition

Hirsch, Robin, and Jaš Šemrl. "Demonic Lattices and Semilattices in Relational Semigroups with Ordinary Composition." In proceedings of LiCS 2021.

Published Version Preprint

2021 Finite Representability of Semigroups with Demonic Refinement

Hirsch, Robin, and Jaš Šemrl. "Finite representability of semigroups with demonic refinement." Algebra universalis 82.2 (2021): 1-14.

Open Access

2019 On Representability of Ordered Convoluted Monoids

Šemrl, Jaš. "On Representability of Ordered Convoluted Monoids." Masters Theris (2019).


2018 Exploring Small Expander Graphs

Afshar, Maya and Alexis Enston and George Pirlea and Jaš Šemrl. "Exploring Small Expander Graphs." Manuscript (2018).


2017 Churn Prediction Model for Effective Gym Customer Retention

Semrl, Jas, and Alexandru Matei. "Churn prediction model for effective gym customer retention." In 2017 International Conference on Behavioral, Economic, Socio-cultural Computing (BESC), pp. 1-3. IEEE, 2017.

Published Version