Dr. Jens Krinke

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Jens Krinke
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
University College London
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Director of the Centre for Research on Evolution Search & Testing (CREST) in the Software Systems Engineering Group.

Programme Director MSc Software Systems Engineering (MSc SSE)


I am involved in teaching of the following modules:
  • COMP0104: Tools and Environments.
  • COMP0108: Research Methods in Software Engineering.
  • COMP0110: Software Systems Engineering Research Project.
  • COMP0111: Software Systems Engineering Group Project.
Are you looking for a project? I supervise student's projects in the area of software analysis and can suggest appropriate topics. Please see my projects for ideas.

Office hours:

I have regular office hours during Term 1/2:

Fridays, 1:00–2:00
Please see the instructions on how to book an appointment.

Office hours are currently only via Microsoft Teams, other means of communications (skype or similar) are available, but need to be arranged case-by-case.

I have no regular office hours outside term times.

Please contact me via email for an appointment outside term time.


  • Software Analysis
  • Clone Detection
  • Code Review
  • Bug Detection
  • Program Slicing



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