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BSc, MEng and MScCS Projects

Email me at G.Roberts@cs.ucl.ac.uk if you are interested in any of the project areas listed here.

Overview of Areas of Interest

  • iOS and Android Application Mobile Development, for both smart phones and tablets.
  • Use of devices such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, .NET Gadgeteer, Kinect to build robots, sensing applications, wearable devices.
  • Designing, building and programming robots.
  • 3D printing and developing 3D design software, especially mobile apps.
  • Application development using dynamic programming languages such as Groovy, Ruby or Python.
  • The Groovy programming language and the Grails web application framework.
  • All aspects of Java programming and the development of Java applications.
  • All aspects of Groovy programming and the development of Groovy applications.
  • GUI development using JavaFX or Griffon (see http://griffon-framework.org/).
  • Test-Driven Development, eXtreme Programming and Agile development.
  • Object-oriented analysis and design (making use of UML).
  • Developing web based applications, especially Grails web applications.
  • Design Patterns and Software Architecture.
  • Create a quiz editor for Moodle.
  • Work on an Open Source project, with the goal of getting contributions submitted and accepted.

Specific Project Ideas

  • An application to easily generate 3D models of characters, words, phrases, plaques and nameplates, suitable for 3D printing.
Last updated: September 2010

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