Guido Germano

Guido Germano, 7 August 2014For a short biography, a brief description of my research interests, and an almost complete publication list, see IRIS among the links on the left. UCL students can access on Moodle my teaching material for COMPG005 Numerical Analysis for Finance and COMPG008 Stochastic Processes for Finance. Further publication lists of mine, mostly with citation counts, are linked from Old web page to SSRN.

Office hours: Room 4.07, 66-72 Gower Street, Wednesday 11-12 and 17-18.

Usually the reception will call my office to let you access the upper floors; if I'm not in my room, it doesn't mean that I'm far away: try my mobile telephones 07481 388380 and +49 170 8090109, my Skype username guido.germano, or again my office telephone 020 3108 7105 a few minutes later. You may arrange to meet me outside office hours or try your luck without an appointment, at the risk that you won't find me because I'm in a meeting, a seminar, a lecture, an exam, a conference, or working from home. If I don't answer quickly enough an email on an urgent issue, try by telephone or Skype. My pigeon hole is in Room 5.24, Malet Place Engineering Building, but you may leave mail also at the reception of 66-72 Gower Street.

Too many potential physicists and engineers spend their careers shifting money around in the financial sector, instead of applying their talents to innovating in the real economy. Barack Obama, The way ahead, The Economist, 8 October 2016.