GV12/3072 Coursework 4

This coursework is on color imaging and color constancy. For a good pass in the coursework (60%), you need to do the core section. To get full marks (100%) you must do ALL the additional sections. I recommend you use matlab.

Hand in a short report on your work, which should be two written sides of A4 at most, plus any pictures and plots showing your results and a print out of your code. Write a short description of the methods you used for each part together with any conclusions you have drawn from your experiments. Make sure it is clear what commands you used to generate each of the pictures you include.

The hand-in deadline for this coursework is 12:00 noon on 18th December. Hand your report into the CS departmental office. Make sure you attach a completed coursework cover sheet to your work.

Core section

Here is an image of three colored objects (helix, truncated cone, and torus), with two decorative mirror-spheres (to be ignored below):

In general, we seek color image descriptions that characterize the different objects' materials in a way that is independent of a) the
geometry of the illuminated surface (slides, p.28), b) the illumination color (p.52), or sometimes c) both. In this case:

Additional section

To get more than a basic pass, do this:
(Note, unlike the previous courseworks, these 40% of the marks should require less effort than usual)

*= You can use imfreehand(), for example:

    h = imfreehand
    IbwMask = createMask(h);