GV12/3072 Coursework 3

This is the third coursework for course GV12/3072 on Image Processing. This coursework is on edge detection. For a basic pass in the coursework (50%), you need to do the core section. To get full marks (100%) you must succeed in completing two of the additional sections.

I recommend you use matlab, but you are free to use any programming language you choose.

Hand in a short report on your work, which should be two written sides of A4 at most, plus any pictures and plots showing your results and a print out of your code. The short report should start with a brief list of what you have attempted and to what extent you have acheived each item. Next, write a short description of the methods you used for each part together with any conclusions you have drawn from your experiments. Make sure it is clear what commands you used, to generate each of the pictures you include. Indicate the kernel values and any other parameters used for each figure.

The definitive hand-in deadline for this coursework is 12:00 (noon) on 2nd December. Hand in your report to JJ or Tricia in the CS departmental office. Make sure you attach a completed coursework cover sheet to your work.

Core section

Here is the test image:


We would like to locate the edges in the image as consistently and accurately as possible.

Additional section

You do not need to do all of these, but must correctly complete two of them to reach full credit.