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Stanford Infolab; Tai Ubi Lab; ETH Distr Systems; EPFL Hubaux; EPFL Le Boudec; EPFL Aberer; MIT Media Lab; MIT Vision Lab; Jennifer Golbeck ; Northwester InfoLab; Schiele TU Darmstadt; GaTech; Joe Paradiso; MIT's PDOS; Institue for the Future K Lerman Jon Kleinberg Stefan Saroiu Huberman; Newman; Eric Horvitz; X Zhu L von Ahn; Kate Regine Debatty; Shin'ichi Konomi Radia Perlman; Tanzeem Noam B. Hogan Ciro Cattuto Lada Adamic; James Fowler;

Personal and Ubiquitous Computing Pervasive and Mobile ComputingIEEE Pervasive Computing
HotMobile (Feb) SocialInfo (Apr) AIMS (Apr) DE 4 Web2.0 (Apr) TRAM (June) WebSnadKDD (June) Wiki AI (July) HotSec (July) SOPS WIP HotNets (Nov) SysML (Dec)
IJCAI (Jan) Percom ICWSM (Mar) ICDE (April) HCI (April) AAMAS (May) BIS (May) NetSci(May) NSDI Pervasive (May INFOCOM (May) WWW (May) AAMAS (May) ICML (June) SIGMOD (June) ICDCS CEC (June) UM (June) USENIX (June)AAAI (July) AAAI Nectar USENIX Security (June) PODC KDD (Aug)VLDB ACMMM(Aug) MobiHoc (Sept) Mobicom (Sept) SECURECOMM (Sept) Ubicomp (Sept) SIGCOMM(Sept) FOCS (Oct) RecSys (Oct) SenSys (Nov) ISWC(Nov) CIKM (Nov); IAT (Nov) AMI (Nov) CoopIS (Nov);>
Stanford Infolab Emerging Technologies Conference (O'Reilly); Econometrics (MIT) Networks (Cornell) Field Econ Exp(MIT) PerCom (MIT) NESTA Videos Math for Political Science
Jonathan Harris Sep Kamvar Social Innovation Camp Why Not Tech Review;
How-to Research:
. Writing a proposal: by Simon Peyton Jones (ppt, pdf-doc)
. Researching: AI MIT Lab Hal Varian Dan Olsen
. Researching for fun (solving problems): Why not?
. Effectively managing your time: Getting things do ne Time Management (pdf
. Supervising projects: Checklist Data Mining Advice
How-tos for Papers:
. Reading a paper:
Hanson Fox (at p. 6,7 review form (pdf)
. Programming:
Java Cookbook Crawling the Web with Java; pyrfeed (Google API to crawl RSS feeds) GoogleCode WEKA Wiki ( Primer)
. Writing:
. Writing CS papers by: Le Boudec; Schulzrinne; Fox; Shewchuk (+3 sins) Bredan Simon Peyton Jones ()Cochrane Mankiw Widom . Style: The Scince of Scientific Writing .Structure: The Pyramid-Principle
. Showing results:Chart Chooser The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
. Solecisms: by The Economist
. Titles: Songs Movies
. Presenting:
. Presenting CS papers ShewchukSimon Peyton(ppt, pdf Widom; Presenting to Win; Search Engine Strategies Presentation Zen by Edward Tufte
. Example (tell a story): Toy presention;
Morgufile Flickr; Sxc; EveryStockPhoto; Studio25
. book: The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis (amazon);
. notes: Performance Evaluation Lecture Notes (pdf) by Jean-Yves Le Boudec; Readings.
. Making it visible:
Tim Finin
How-tos for Posters:

Doing a poster: by Steven M. Block
Doing poster with comics: Understanding Comics


How-tos for Teaching:
Case Method Teaching: The ABCs of Case Teaching; Learning by the Case Method (classic, marketing)
books:The Art of Computer Sys - An introduction to psychometric theory with applications in R - Psychometric Theory (2nd edition)
Random: HowStuffWorks