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Part One: Introduction: Perception, Light, Colour, and Math

CHAPTER 1 Introduction: A Phantom World of Projections

CHAPTER 2 Mathematics for Virtual Environments

CHAPTER 3 Lighting - the Radiance Equation

CHAPTER 4 Color and The Human Response to Light

Part Two: From Realism to Real-Time I

CHAPTER 5 A Painting Metaphor for Computer Graphics

CHAPTER 6 Local Illumination and Ray Tracing

CHAPTER 7 Generalising the Camera

CHAPTER 8 Constructing a Scene

CHAPTER 9 Projection: Completing the Camera Model

CHAPTER 10 Clipping Polygons

CHAPTER 11 Visibility Determination

CHAPTER 12 Rendering Polygons

CHAPTER 13 Image Space Rendering and Texturing

Part Three: From Real-Time to Realism

CHAPTER 14 Shadows: Towards Real-time Realism

CHAPTER 15 An Introduction to Radiosity

CHAPTER 16 Faster Ray Tracing

CHAPTER 17 Clipping and Rendering Lines

Part Four: Solids, Curves and Surfaces

CHAPTER 18 Constructive Solid Geometry

CHAPTER 19 Introduction to Computer Aided Geometrical Design

Part Five: Dynamics and Interaction in Virtual Environments

CHAPTER 20 Human Dynamics in a Virtual World

CHAPTER 21 Real-Time Interaction

Part Six: From Realism to Real-Time II

CHAPTER 22 Ray Based Methods for Global Illumination

CHAPTER 23 Advanced Real-Time Rendering for Virtual Environments


Appendix A Introduction to VRML


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