Eleventh International Workshop on

Non-Monotonic Reasoning

Lake District, England, May 30 - June 1, 2006

Special session on

NMR Systems and Applications

In recent years, a number of systems implementing non-monotonic reasoning have emerged. Yet favoured by the increasing performance of computer hardware, the performance of the existing systems is already sufficient to enable industrial applications of non-monotonic reasoning. This special session aims to attract researchers interested in systems and applications of non-monotonic reasoning. We particularly encourage papers on NMR techniques which led to the development of significant applications. As well, we are interested not just in papers that apply traditional NMR techniques, but also those that make use of newer or more recent approaches, including applications of answer set programming, belief revision, argumentation, etc.

The session on NMR systems and applications is a one-day event and the technical program forms a part of the Eleventh Non-monotonic Reasoning Workshop (NMR2006), to be held in in the Lake District area of the UK collocated with the KR 2006 conference.


Authors are invited to submit papers on NMR systems and applications. The list of topics of interest includes but is not limited to:
  • Algorithms and data structures for NMR
  • Applications of NMR
  • Embedded NMR systems: Systems using NMR subsystems
  • Extensions to existing implementations
  • Future challenges for NMR systems
  • Integration of NMR systems with other computational paradigms
  • Methodology of representing knowledge in NMR languages
  • NMR System descriptions
  • Optimisation techniques needed in NMR systems
  • Performance analysis, benchmarking
  • Programming methodology
  • Standardisation of system interfaces
  • Session co-chairs

  • Jim Delgrande, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, jim@cs.sfu.ca
  • Torsten Schaub, Universitat Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany, torsten@cs.uni-potsdam.de
  • Program committee

  • Chitta Baral (chitta@asu.edu)
  • Dirk Vermeir (dvermeir@tinf.vub.ac.be)
  • Gerald Pfeifer (gerald@pfeifer.com)
  • Gianluigi Greco (ggreco@mat.unical.it)
  • Joohyung Lee (joolee@asu.edu)
  • Leopoldo Bertossi (bertossi@scs.carleton.ca)
  • Paolo Liberatore (liberato@dis.uniroma1.it)
  • Pascal Nicolas (pn@info.univ-angers.fr)
  • Odile Papini (papini@univ-tln.fr)
  • Trao Can Son (tson@cs.nmsu.edu)
  • Yannis Dimopoulos (yannis@cs.ucy.ac.cy)
  • Yan Zhang (yan@cit.uws.edu.au)
  • Submission details

    All NMR-06 sessions have the same submission requirements. Submissions are limited to 9 pages using KR paper format. Send a PDF file with the submission to each of the organizers by e-mail.

    Important dates

  • Submission of papers: 17 Feb 2006
  • Notification of acceptance: 1 April 2006
  • Final version (PDF File): 1 May 2006