(Cancer ONtology QUErying SysTem)
Alejandra González-Beltrán, Ben Tagger, Anthony Finkelstein



The following publications are related to the COnQueSt system: For more details, please see the publications page.

Graphical User Interface

The following flash movies show the functionalities available through the ConQueSt interface:

OWL Generator Service

The OWLGenService can be accessed through the caGrid portal.

The current location of the OWLGenService is:

OWL Generator code (module and service)

The code for the OWL generator business logic and service can be browsed at this repository. And you can download it using the following svn command:

svn co
The code is distributed under the CPAL license, and attribution should be given referring to this page and citing the BMC Bioinformatics paper.

Performance Evaluation