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My research interest is in understanding and applying  'human factors and human-related phenomena' (such as attention, perception, vision, inattention blindness, change blindness) to the design of computer systems in various application areas (for e.g. automotive UI, mobile applications, intelligent transport systems, driver distraction, visual attention/perception and virtual reality).

My aim is to formulate new theories based on a sound understanding of human perception and attention in technology mediated environments (virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile, automotive) that would guide the design of the system architecture, UI & interaction to create efficient systems, effective interfaces and satisfying user experiences.

While my initial curiosity and drive has roots in virtual reality, over time the application areas of my research have expanded to mobile, connected car and intelligent transport systems (ITS) applications.

I have several active collaborative links with the industry in the UK and across Europe.

Recent Publications

Beeharee, A., Hermenier, R., Blohmann, A., Niemann, B., Fremont, G. and Grazzini, S. (2012)
Satellite Enabled ITS Services for Cars.
In Proceedings of ITS World Congress 2012, Vienna, Austria, Oct 23-26, 2012.

Fremont, G., Bessou, L., Bertoli Puiggros, M. and Beeharee, A. (2012)
Coorperative Traffic Management using Satellite Enabled ITS Platform.
In Proceedings of ITS World Congress 2012, Vienna, Austria, Oct 23-26, 2012.

Koppanyi, Z., Lovas, T., Barsi, A., Demeter, H., Beeharee, A. and Berenyi, A. (2012) 
Tracking vehicles in GSM network to support Intelligent Transportation Systems.
In International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, vol 39,p139-144. 
(ISPRS 2012, Melbourne, Australia, Aug 25-Sep 1, 2012)

Davies, T., Beeharee, A. (2012)
The Case of the Missed Icon : Change Blindness on Mobile Devices.  
In Proceedings of  30th CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2012 (ACM CHI 2012), Austin,  USA, May 5-10, 2012, p1451-1460.  

Beeharee, A., Grazzini, S. and Fremont, G. (2012)
Road Safety Services for Low-Cost International Coach Transportation.
In Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol 48, p2707-2717. (
Proceedings of 4th Transport Research Arena (TRA 2012) , Athens, Greece, Apr 23-26, 2012)

Beeharee, A., Grau, G., Campo, R., Fremont, G., Lovas, T. and Besnard, L. (2012)
Enabling Next Generation Emergency Call Service.
In Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol 48, p2718-2727.
(Proceedings of 4th Transport Research Arena (TRA 2012), Athens, Greece, Apr 23-26, 2012)

Grau, G., Heyn, T., Vaccaro, A. and Beeharee, A. (2012)
Developing ITS Services for Open SafeTRIP Platform. 
In Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol 48, p2728-2737.
(Proceedings of 4th Transport Research Arena (TRA 2012), Athens, Greece, Apr 23-26, 2012)

Niemann, B., Heyn, T., Vargas, A., Titomanlio, S.,Grau, G. and Beeharee, A. (2012)
SafeTRIP - Interactive Satellite Services for Automotive Applications and Road Safety.
Chapter in Microelectronic Systems: Circuits, Systems and Applications.
A. Heuberger, G. Elst, R. Hanke, J. Heppner and K. Kirsch (eds), Springer, Heidelberg 2012, p129-143.

For complete list of publications and download links, please refer to my publications page.

Disclaimer: This page only focusses on some aspects of my research work at UCL - and excludes my activities with startups and the industry as consultant and technical expert.