In the past nine years I have worked at the Computer Science Department at UCL, conducting research in
Presence in Immersive Virtual Environmnets. I recently completed my Phd thesis entitled
Human Balance Response in Immersive Virtual Environments. I have worked on the Presencia and
Presenccia projects. Currently I am employed by an MRC funded project based at Oxford University called
Paranoid Thinking. My supervisor for my Phd was Mel Slater. The lead investigator on my current project
is Daniel Freeman from the Oxford Department of Psychiatry.

My list of previous papers is located here. Below is a still from my virtual body experiment.

Previous research provides some evidence that
when immersive virtual environments support the sensorimotor contingencies that allow people
to act and percieve as they would in the real world, and when the events occuring in the
environment are sufficiently plausible, participants respond with their whole bodies as they would
in a similar real life scenario.
This response as if real includes response to virtual people. J.J. Gibson in his ecological approach
to visual perception describes what he calls the visual affordance of support in an environment. This
affordance is influenced both by the layout of surface in an environment and an obeserver's view of
their own body in the environment.


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Angus Antley


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