Zhaoping's representative papers and presentations (for her research areas).

Note: Publications before late 2002 were published under name "Zhaoping Li (i.e., Li Z.)", and those after were published under name "Li Zhaoping (i.e., Zhaoping L.)".

A review paper for physicists on studying vision and brain

Zhaoping L. (2016) Brains studying brains: look before you think in vision, Physical Biology, 13(2016)035002.

A pedagogic review of the "V1 Saliency Hypothesis" can be found in chapter 5 of the textbook Understanding Vision: theory, models, and data ,2014, Oxford University Press, this chapter is available in the the sample chapters of the book.

A review paper on early visual processes

Zhaoping L. Theoretical Understanding of the early visual processes by data compression and data selection in Network: Computation in neural systems 17(4):301-334 (2006).

An opinion/review paper on a theory of primary visual cortex

Li Z. (2002) A saliency map in primary visual cortex Published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences Vol 6. No.1. Jan. 2002, page 9-16 [abstract]

A recommended textbook to learn Theoretical Neuroscience