Papers on visual decoding, perception, or neural responses after the input is selected by attention:



Wang, F. Chen, M. Yan, Y. Zhaoping, L. and Li, W. (2015) Modulation of neuronal responses by exogenous attention in macaque primary visual cortex The Journal of Neuroscience, 35(39):13419-13429.

Zhaoping L. & Jingling L. (2008) Filling-in and suppression of visual perception from context --- a Bayesian account of perceptual biases by contextual influences , PLoS Computational Biology 4(2): e14 doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.0040014 the paper on PLoS Compt. Biol. website. And a slide presentation on this paper.

Zhaoping L. and Guyader N. Interference with bottom-up feature detection by higher-level object recognition , Published in Current Biology 17, 26-31, (2007).

Freeman E., Driver J., Sagi D, and Zhaoping L. Top-Down Modulation of Lateral Interactions in Early Vision: Does Attention Affect Integration of the Whole or Just Perception of the Parts? , Current Biology Volume 13, Issue 11 , 27 May 2003, Pages 985-989 [abstract]


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