Brief Summary of Yvo Desmedt's Research

For 30 years, I have been active in research on cryptography, network security, and computer security. Although my main expertise is in cryptography, I have worked on a wide range of topics, such as:
critical infrastructure protection
attack strategies (1998-2005), AI model (1998), economic models (1998-2005), vulnerabilities (1983-2005), etc.
economic models
for critical infrastructures (2005), for e-voting (2009-2010)
attacks (man-in-the-middle types, etc.) (1987-1988), first e-passport and e-visa paper (1988, 1992), defenses (1987-1990)
information hiding
subliminal channels (1987-1996) and Audio and Optical Cryptography (1998-1999), Moiré Cryptography (2000).
malware (design/defense)
computer viruses (1986-1994), hacking voting schemes (2009-2010), hacking chemical plants and control systems (1983), hardware Trojan (1986), etc.
network security
routing with active adversaries (1999), DOS (1997-current), PSMT (1997-current)
MIX ser increasing privacy in e-voting (2004-2005), using economic models (2009-2010), hacking voting (2009-2010)
breaking (2002)

In cryptography, I (co-)invented/worked on (e.g.):

broadcast authentication:   (1989-1992)
analyzed public key knapsack (1980-1984), DES (1981-1986), Matsumoto-Imai (1982-1983), etc.
group key distribution:   (1993-2010)
hybrid encryption:   (2003-2008)
key escrow:   (1994-1998)
identity based encryption   based on tamperproofness:] (1985-1986)
multicast stream authentication:   (2005-2007),
threshold cryptography:   (1986-current)

Yvo Desmedt 2011-05-25