Birthday Pictures from September 2018

off the rails yarmouth
Sheridan and Jackie

from Jackie 1444
Penny and Sheridan

from Ari 1338
Simon (moon tea shrt), me(with knife), Jack, Tom, Charles

60 prof happy birthday
William, Jack

except jac who took the photo
Simon, Anargyros, Jacqueline, Sheri, James, Willaim, Charles, Marianne Tom, Naomi, Penny

off the rails
Mind the Gap
Great Uncle William, Ari, Tom, Simon
Marianne and Charles

yarmouth pier nigel reid ps waverley

Some people have to go to school
Ari and Jackie

On board PS waverley

On board PS waverley
Tom and Naomi

On board PS waverley
Great Uncle James

On board PS waverley
Marianne (Simon behind)

Birthday Pictures in the Office

happy birthday to you

paterserie valerie dms watson hector gunel
W. B. Langdon unwrapping present

mpeb 417 Double Chocolate Delight Celebration Cake
Me with present

gunel bill first slice
W. B. Langdon cutting cake

hector iason papapanagiotakis-bousy dms watson mpeb 417


15 Sepetember 2018 (Last updated 12 Oct)