Pictures from GI 2019 @ ICSE


Jeongju Sohn Gabin An Seah Kim Shin Yoo David Clark Aymeric Blot Seongmin Lee Oliver Krauss Yiwei Lyu Kai Presler-Marshall Eric Horton Eric Schulte Zohreh Sharafi Zhen Yu Ding Kevin Angstadt Gina Rui Bai Qi Xin Jhe-Yu Liou Christopher Timperley Shin Hwei Tan Steven Reiss Westley Weimer Yu Huang Kevin Leach W B Langdon Madeline Endres

Student Mentoring
Westley Weimer

Best Presentation

By popular vote Kevin Leach won the best presentation award for "Evolutionary Computation for Improving Malware Analysis" PDF

Westley Weimer Shin Hwei Tan Kevin Leach Bill Langdon

Best Paper

The best paper award was won by "Genetic Improvement of GPU Code" by Jhe-Yu Liou, Stephanie Forrest and Carole-Jean Wu PDF

Westley Weimer Shin Hwei Tan Jhe-Yu Liou Bill Langdon


Shin Hwei Tan presenting and award to Nadia Alshawan to celbrate her keynote "Industrial experience of Genetic Improvement in Facebook" PDF

Le Robin Square 300 Notre-Dame Street East old Montreal 28 May 2019
Bill Langdon Nadia Alshawan Shin Hwei Tan

Social Event

Le Robin Square 300 Notre-Dame Street East old Montreal 28 May 2019

David Clark Nadia Alshawan Tara Bill Langdon
Oliver Krauss Wes Weimer Aymeric Blot Shin Hwei Tan
Mrs. Reiss Steven Reiss Christopher Timperley
Kevin Leach Yiwei Lyu Zhen Yu Ding Jhe-Yu Liou

GI 2019 Introduction
W B Langdon
Steven Reiss Yu Huang Madeline Endres Oliver Krauss Aymeric Blot
W B Langdon
Nadia Alshahwan Yu Huang Steven Reiss Madeline Endres Oliver Krauss Aymeric Blot

GI 2019 Keynote

sapienz, learning application content, test cases, testing code change,
Nadia Alshahwan
Nadia Alshahwan

Qi Xin Steven Reiss Madeline Endres Christopher Timperley Aymeric Blot Eric Schulte Kai Presler-Marshall Mark Harman

ICSE 2019

Queen Elizebeth Upstairs IPI-1101.jpg
Jens Krinke Tim Menzies IPI-1120.jpg IPI-1121.jpg
Zhen Yu Ding Yiwei Lyu

Banquet 1909

Miryung Kim IPI-2021.jpg IPI-2025.jpg
Shin Yoo David Binkley Earl Barr David Clark


ICSE Most Influential Paper Award

"Automatically finding patches using genetic programming"
Westley Weimer ThanhVu Nguyen Claire Le Goues and Stephanie Forrest IPI-1866.jpg
Antonia Bertolino Claire Le Goues Westley Weimer Paola Inverardi

Mark Harman Outstanding Research Award IPI-1876.jpg
Mark Harman Lionel Briand

Queen Elizebeth Lobby

from Shin
Jacob Odgaard Torring Sora Bae Jeongju Sohn Gabin An Bill Langdon Shin Yoo Seah Kim


from Federica

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9 June 2019 (Last updated 20 June)