Pictures from GI 2018 @ ICSE


Nicolas Harrand Benjamin Danglot Ipek Ozkaya Tea Dodig-Crnkovic Lea Gerling Jeongju Sohn Seongmin Lee William Langdon Justyna Petke Stephanie Forrest Claire Le Goues Kathryn Stolee Gabin An SeongHoi Lee Yu Huang Shin Hwei Tan
Second row Klaus Schmid Jason Landsborough Jinhan Kim Alexander Wild Shin Yoo Westley Weimer Kevin Angstadt Jonathan Dorn Joseph Renzullo Kevin Leach Christopher Timperley Jeremy Lacomis Brendan Cody-Kenny Yingfei Xiong Sergey Mechtaev Bo Wang

Some Organisers

The Workshop

Joseph Renzullo

Nicolas Harrand and W B Langdon

Jeremy Lacomis

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Jason Landsborough

Cafe du Nord

Following the recommendation of Grace Buttler, violinist and expert on Sweden, after the workshop the speakers were invited to Cafe du Nord for the best Swedish meat balls.

Justyna Petke and Joseph Renzullo
Best Presentation awarded to Joseph Renzullo for "Neutrality and Epistasis in Program Space"

Alexander Wild and Justyna Petke
Best paper awarded to Christopher McGowan, Alexander Wild (pictured) and Barry Porter for "Experiments in Genetic Divergence for Emergent Systems"


12 June 2018 (Last updated 16 June 2018)