19th Annual (2022) "Humies" Awards

Human-Competitive Awards

In 2022 there are three winners of Human-Competitive Awards. The first prize worth five thousand dollars was won by Jonas Schmitt and Harald Koestler.

Unusually there was a tie for second prize and two finalists share the silver Humie prize, each worth two and a half thousand dollars. The Silver winners are Risto Miikkulainen et al and Eric Claassen et al.

Erik Goodman presenting the first prize of 5000 dollars to
Jonas Schmitt and Harald Koestler for their entry
Evolving Generalizable Multigrid-Based Helmholtz Preconditioners with Grammar-Guided Genetic Programming, GECCO 2022 pages 1009-1018

Erik Goodman presenting the second prize of 2500 dollars to
Risto Miikkulainen and Elliot Meyerson and Xin Qiu and Ujjayant Sinha and Raghav Kumar and Karen Hofmann and Yiyang Matt Yan and Michael Ye and Jingyuan Yang and Damon Caiazza and Stephanie Manson Brown for their entry
Evaluating Medical Aesthetics Treatments through Evolved Age-Estimation Models, GECCO 2021 pages 1009-1017

Erik Goodman presenting the second prize of 2500 dollars to
Eric Claassen and Etienne Coz and Johan Garssen and Aletta D. Kraneveld and Alejandro Lopez Rincon and Lucero Mendoza Maldonado and Carmina A. Perez Romero and Patrick Tabeling and Alberto Tonda and Jessica Vanhomwegen for their entry
Design of Specific Primer Sets for the Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern B.1.1.7, B.1.351,P.1, B.1.617.2 using Artificial Intelligence, GECCO 2021 pages 1009-1017

Created 14 July 2022