Photographs from GECCO-2018

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GECCO 2018 Humies: Human-Competitive Results Awards featuring $10000 in Prizes Sponsored by John_Koza Kyoto July 15-19 2018

2018 awards for Human Competitive Results

Una-May O'Reilly and Erik Goodman introducing the 2018 awards for Human Competitive Results

Judges for 2018

ACM GECCO 2018 in Kyoto

Sixteen Excellent Entries in 2018

Winner 2018

Winner of the 2018 Humies GOLD Award
Michael Lones_
Jane Alty_
Jeremy Cosgrove_
Philippa Duggan-Carter_
Stuart Jamieson_
Rebecca Naylor_
Andrew Turner_
Stephen Smith_
A New Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Home Monitoring Device for Parkinson's Dyskinesia
using CGP
Erik Goodman presenting the Gold Humie to Steve Smith for A New Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Home Monitoring Device for Parkinson's Dyskinesia Lones:2017:JMS

The successful application of Cartesian Genetic Programming to resolve a challenging and life-affecting clinical condition (Parkinson's dyskinesia). Not only will the introduction of the technology significantly improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson's, but also has the potential to save the UK's National Health Service over 84 million pounds per year.

ClearSky LID-Monitor
Parkinson's disease
Data analysed using evolutionary algorithms
ClearSky Levodopa induced dyskinesia home monitor.



Sliver 2018

Erik Goodman presenting the Silver Humie to Samuel Champagne (Dalhousie University) on behalf of Stephen Kelly and Malcolm I. Heywood for Emergent Solutions to High-Dimensional Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning Kelly:2018:EC

Bronze 2018


Erik Goodman presenting a Bronze Humie to Prof. Emma Hart for A Hybrid Method for Feature Construction and Selection to Improve Wind-damage Prediction in the Forestry Sector Hart:2017:GECCO

Erik Goodman presenting a Bronze Humie Zdenek Vasicek and Vojtech Mrazek for Approximating Complex Arithmetic Circuits with Formal Error Guarantees: 32-bit Multipliers Accomplished Ceska:2017:ICCAD
photo by Iko Nakari


Once-in-a-lifetime meeting

Lesson from tea ceremony. Treasure every meeting for it will never recur
Photo by ClearSky Medical Diagnostics Ltd.

Alex' Kyoto Photos


Krzysztof Krawiec and Alex


Nic McPhee

Alex' Osaka Photos


Krzysztof Krawiec

Evening in Osaka


LOVE fashion
Here I feel excited.
Pecious things are there.
Years ago I had a jewel box
As a girl, I kept sparkling marbles and pretty ribbons in the box
As a woman, there I kept my favorite accessories and
precious scrents as well.
Hre is the box, extending in front of me.
I treasure this place. Here I can find such things as exciting and
glittering as in my memories.


Krzysztof Krawiec and Alex

Francisco Chicano Tweet

David R. White presenting his keynote at the genetic improvement workshop at GECCO 2018.

GECCO 2018 Keynote Naoko Yamazaki

Naoko Yamazaki

Alex at STOCK 10 July 2018 Tokyo

Alexandra Krawiec FRSA RSA Japan Fellows Network

After Alex' invited talk


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