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Goteborg, Sweden August 1999

My first trip to Sweden was to Göteborg for the EuroGP-99 workshop. Following this I was spent the summer working with Peter Nordin at Chalmers University of Technology.
Göteborg harbour behind the opera house. 
The naval ship on the left is part of the maritime museum As soon as I arrived they held a party. In fact the Gothenburg party lasts almost a week. Patrick and Peter seemed to know every one here. We ran into several former (and perhaps future?) girl friends.
Water is strange stuff. It is sufficiently transparent that the sun light could pass through it and warm the stones underneath the far fountains sufficiently to evaporate the water,
so they were dry. This line of fountains is in the Göteborg Horticultural Gardens. Surprisingly they charge you to get in to the park, and again to get into the palm houses. But it is nice.
Ok it wasn't this sunny all the time, just most of it The Stora Theatre is on the avenue opposite this fountain. The fountain seems to be keep running all the time, including at night. Opposite the fountain, i.e. behind were I was standing whilst taking this photograph, is the main entrance to the Göteborg Horticultural Gardens (see previous picture).
Peter is the one in yellow Peter Nordin
Kastellgatan looking South East
the inner harbour Tyska Bron looking from Fontanbron, 4 September 1999
See another sunny day Stora Theatre

Max Christian's trip to Goteborg.

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