Trip to London 2nd Bank Holiday in May with Shumei Zhang

Saint Paul's Cathedral

Bill langdon by Temple Bar on site of CEGB HQ Paternoster Sq
Me where the CEGB used to be (replacement building).

City of London and Barbican
Looking East from golden gallery .

old electricity generation site plus rain
Looking South at the rain, wibbly bridge and with SL on the horizon .


me near the thames, look no coat
Me standing outside the Chapel of St Peter and St Paul in Greenwhich University. Next stop the Painted Hall, then Queen's house then to the park and the observatory.

Despite view from the top of St. Paul's, we did not get rained on. We left Greenwhitch by the DLR in a thunderstorm but were then inside. (Except the rain blew into Canary Warfe DLR station.) Still it had past by the time we reached Stratford.

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