Camping in Norfolk 23-25 July 2005

Planning meeting

Bill and Ulrich in Wivenhoe Park
Ulrich and I planning our trip at the computer science Departmental BBQ.

Saturday 23 July (my sister's wedding anniversary) Ulrich and I set off north on his Indian made Royal Enfield.

Tattingstone Wonder

Tattingstone Wonder

A brick farm house converted to look from three sides like an english flint built church, complete with church tower. However square tower only has three sides and proddudes up through red clay tile roof.

Stop for tea with John Standeven.


Holy Trinity church lane Blythburgh

Next stop Blythburgh church to admire tie beam roof, angels, pews and eat jam tarts.

Passed through Lowestoft and great Yarmouth. Paused in Caister-on-Sea's Lidl to fill up on german black bread, eggs, sausages and chocolate before establishing base camp.

Many mugs of tea, bread potato salad and german sausages for supper.


Breakfast scrambled eggs.


Horsey boasts pubs, cafe, two churches, 3 swings, and a Studio art gallery 01493 393802. Not bad for a population of 83. Apparently the name comes from a corruption of "horse island". However, according to HMG, the whole area is due to flood in 50-100 years.

We spent a pleasant afternoon watching people tack across the broad at Horsey. Later it started to rain and we visited the

Horsey wind mill water pump

Wind mill NT (2 quid) and Cafe.

Monday Homeward bound

Poppyland Tearoom Horsey Corner

It turns out that Royalty does not like being left alone in the rain and so we spent monday morning a) looking for breakfast (see Tearoom) b) telephoning Enfield agent, who recommended we ensure the Enfield was giving a Fat Spark. (Cleaned outside of coil and HT lead with paper tissue and all was well.)

Baker's Oven Great Yarmouth

A nice brunch stop.

Actually it rained heavily as we were passing Blythburgh so we revisited the suffolk cathedral.

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