Dortmund, Germany April 1999

Henrietta, Peter Dittrich, Andre Skusa

Photograph taken in the morning of Saturday 17 April.

Peter has just re-assembled Henrietta, the random robot. As Peter explained, this is one task where you should not know what you are doing. During the rest of the day, the GP system is set to evolve a control program to make Henrietta drag a computer mouse forward. When we get back from lunch, the new program has been evolved.

Henrietta prepares to be on live television with Andre Skusa and Gabriele Schönfelder

The following Saturday, Peter, Andre and I take Henrietta and a workstation to the University of Dortmund Library.

WDR, the local German television station, is preparing the library for a live broadcast in the afternoon of its long running program Computer Club. Computer Club will be broadcast across Germany from 14:30 to 15:00. During the program Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Banzhaf will explain the robot and its automatically evolved control program.

Dortmund H-Banh.
Fountains next to Essen Cathedral. Saturday 8 May 1999.
Low flying helicopter next to Essen Cathedral. Saturday 8 May 1999.

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