Winter 2021

nomad hotel 24 January 2021

Athens February 2021 almond tree
Tuesday 16 February 2021 Ducks
Tuesday 16 February 2021 Jetty
Tuesday 16 February 2021 Palm tree and snow
The beach is white too

True rider
Directly from the horse's mouth
Horse and blanket and snow blanket
girl with flower

ice sussex Saturday 13 February 2021
Girl with whoop stick

computer server
Paul's lock down project

chat noire Dordogne 3 Feb 2021 CJ076YG
Dordogne 3 Feb 2021

Dordogne river

Spring 2021

NHS corvid-19 corona virus flyer
NHS corvid-19 corona virus flyer2

Now we are sixtea

Black Forest Gateau
Meanwhile in a deliciously dark forest

Cover boy darrell the huntington programme 2021
Darrell's stone on the cover (also)

Daisy hiding in raspberry canes starting to train clematis drains away from house
Getting ready for Spring

my vines on fire keeping frost free france 8 April 2021 my vines on fire keeping frost free france 8 April 2021
Fire in France

London Election

Westmister etc. results (other London Assembly results)
spolit papers


head honcho pal sock
28 May 2021

SX-GAE glo3al

Night School

HMS Victory

nice ice
at home in stettin

Jack having successfully completed his airline pilot training in greece june 2021

Ada Ada


tea time

Sophie Belle
Plans for December 2021

Ari and Jackie in London



CREST Ms. Teams 1 Dec 2021 Giovani and Bill CREST Ms. Teams 1 Dec 2021 3:46PM

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