Sune K. Jakobsen

Sune K. Jakobsen

I am a research associate in the Information Security Research Group at University College London, working with Jens Groth on creating efficient zero-knowledge proofs.

I have submitted my PhD thesis to Queen Mary, University of London. During my PhD I was jointly supervised by Peter Keevash, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford and Søren Riis, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary, University of London.

Besides zero-knowledge proofs and cryptography in general, my research interests includes anonymity, information theory, in particular information complexity and information inequalities, mechanism design and AI safety. You can find my CV here.

Contact information

Emails: S.JAKOBSEN at University College London .AC.UK only the capital letters
Office: MPEB 6.07

Department of Computer Science, UCL
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom
Phone (from UK): 0 7450 592506
Phone (from overseas) +44 7450 592506


Sune K. Jakobsen, Troels B. Sørensen and Vincent Conitzer: Timeability of Extensive-Form Games. ITCS 2016.
ArXiv version

Sune K. Jakobsen and Claudio Orlandi: How to Bootstrap Anonymous Communication. ITCS 2016.
ArXiv version

Sune K. Jakobsen: A numbers-on-foreheads game. MFCS 2015.
ArXiv version

Sune K. Jakobsen: Information Theoretical Cryptogenography. ICALP 2014.
ArXiv version

Sune K. Jakobsen: Mutual information matrices are not always positive semi-definite. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. Vol. 60 (5), 2014.
ArXiv version

Sune K. Jakobsen and Jakob G. Simonsen: Some Remarks on Real Numbers Induced by First-Order Spectra. Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic. To appear.

Joshua Brody, Dominik Scheder, Sune K. Jakobsen and Peter Winkler: Cryptogenography. ITCS 2014.