Geometry of Images

This page is for information related to the VIVE course Geometry of Images


2D curvature
3D curvature

Mathematica Examples

I have put the examples from lectures here

Matlab Examples

Week 1 : here is an example of sampling and Fourier Interpolation
Week 2 : here is an example of differentiation using spatial convolution and Fourier filtering
Here is an example of directional edge differentiation in 2D using test image Cameraman
Here is an example of canny edge detection in 3D using synthetic test image

Here are examples of calculating image curvature in 2D and 3D

  • 2D Image curvature function and a script to run this function using some synthetic and standard test images.
  • 3D Voxel curvature using synthetic test image

    Scale Space and Anisotropic Diffusion

    A useful link about Diffusion regularization methods is Weickert publications list

    Matlab code for different diffusion regularisation method is found here (zip'd Matlab directory )


    This is coursework for 2017 The handin date is Thursday March 9th, 12.00p.m.