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Computer science is dominated by the need to publish, publish, publish, but sometimes this can happen at the expense of research. All too often poor papers, clumsy presentations, bad reviews or even bad science can clutter a conference, causing distractions from the more carefully prepared work. All good scientists and students studying to become scientists should be concerned with matters of quality. The only problem is defining what is good and what is bad!

This workshop will focus on promoting high quality standards of research in our field. It will tackle issues such as:

  • How to review papers
  • How to present your work
  • How to write clearly
  • Good scientific practice.

The workshop will be in an interactive, discussion format, with participants free to discuss (and challenge) the views of the speakers. There will be no papers or proceedings, but speakers are encouraged to prepare material beforehand and make it available to all. The results of the workshop will be collated into a report and considered by the Council of Editors, which will seek to implement all useful suggestions in future conferences and publications.

If you would like to get involved, please contact:


Dr Peter J Bentley

Chair of ISGEC Council of Editors

Department of Computer Science

University College London

Gower Street

London WC1E 6BT






Each topic will be introduced by a 10-20 minute presentation by a speaker, followed by a 10-20 minute discussion. However, participants are encouraged to interrupt, interact, and present their own views at any time. The results of the workshop will be written as a report containing a number of recommendations, and presented to ISGEC (and made available on the www).




Peter J. Bentley


Peer Reviewing in Evolutionary Computing

Powerpoint slides

Peter W.H. Smith


Internet discussion groups for informal, rapid, & large scale collaboration

Bill Mydlowec


The Nature of Theoretical Papers in EA Conferences

Powerpoint slides

William Hart


Conducting Research in Machine Learning

Powerpoint slides

Clare Bates Congdon


Coffee Break



Panel Discussion

Provisional Panel members (others to be added):

Peter J. Bentley (chair)

Sean Luke

Nic McPhee

Riccardo Poli

Erick Cantu-Paz