Designs Evolved by the

Generic Evolutionary Design System

This page allows you to view a selection of different designs evolved by my generic evolutionary design system.

[The system, which I call 'GADES' for want of a better name, is a computer program that uses the process of evolution to evolve new designs from scratch. The user specifies the desired function of the design, and the computer then evolves the shape of a design such that it will perform that function. Note that this work is original (and has already been described as 'ground-breaking') -- no-one else has demonstrated a system capable of the creative design of a wide range of solid objects. If you're really interested, try reading my PhD thesis on the subject, or some of my papers.]

The following pages illustrate the kind of thing this system can do. Before you start, here's a few things you should know:


The images are raytraced in 256 colour and are at least 500x400 pixels in size. You get the best results with a screen resolution of at least 800 by 600. You can download each image by clicking on it. I've tried to keep the size of each one to around 30K, to reduce downloading times.


To move to the next design or previous design in the sequence, click on the or symbols.


Each design (or collection of designs) can be viewed from more than one angle. To rotate the designs, click on the and symbols.


Information about each design or collection of designs can be found by clicking on the 'Information' symbol below each design. It might be a good idea to clone a window so that you can read the information and look at the designs at the same time. If you want to return to this page at any point, you'll find a link on each 'information' page.

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