"Evolutionary Design by Computers offers an enticing preview of the future of computer-aided design: Design by Darwin." - Lawrence J. Fogel, President, Natural Selection, Inc.

"Evolutionary design by computers is the major revolution in design thinking of the 20th century and this book is the best introduction available" - Professor John Frazer

"Peter Bentley has assembled and edited an important collection of papers that demonstrate, convincingly, the utility of evolutionary computation for engineering solutions to complex problems in design." - David B. Fogel, Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation

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Some of the most startling achievements in the use of computers to automate design are being accomplished by the use of evolutionary search algorithms to evolve designs.

Evolutionary Design By Computers provides a showcase of the best and most original work of the leading international experts in Evolutionary Computation, Engineering Design, Computer Art, and Artificial Life. By bringing together the highest achievers in these fields for the first time, including a foreword by Richard Dawkins, this book provides the definitive coverage of significant developments in Evolutionary Design.

The book explores the related sub-areas of Evolutionary Design, such as:

It shows for the first time how techniques in each area overlap, and promotes the cross-fertilization of ideas and methods. A CD-ROM is included with the book, providing the reader with hands-on activities, evolved images, animations, and source code related to the text. Evolutionary Design by Computers will be an essential resource for researchers in academia and industry.


Peter Bentley

John Koza et. al.

T. Broughton, P. Coates, H. Jackson

William Latham & Stephen Todd

Richard Dawkins (foreword)

Ian Parmee

Michael French

Pablo Funes and Jordan Pollack

Derek Gatherer

Gordon Robinson, M. A. El-Beltagy & Andy Keane

Hugo de Garis

Andrew Rowbottom

Mitsuo Gen & Jong Ryul Kim.

Karl Sims

John Gero & Michael Rosenman

Michael Witbrock & Scott Neil Reilly

David Goldberg

Erik Goodman et. al.


 Foreword by Richard Dawkins

INTRODUCTION: by Peter Bentley

1. Evolutionary Computation / Evolutionary Design / Problems in Evolutionary Design.

SECTION 1: Evolution and Design

2. The Interplay of Evolution and Insight in Design. Michael French.

3. The Memetics of Design. Derek Gatherer.

4. The Race, the Hurdle, and the Sweet Spot: Lessons from Genetic Algorithms For the Automation of Design Innovation and Creativity. Dave Goldberg.

5. Exploring the Design Potential of Evolutionary Search, Exploration and Optimization. Ian Parmee.

SECTION 2: Evolutionary Optimization of Designs

6. Optimization in Mechanical Design. Gordon Robinson, M. A. El-Beltagy & Andy Keane.

7. The Optimization of Flywheels using an Injection Island Genetic Algorithm. David Eby, R. C. Averill, William F. Punch III, Erik D. Goodman

8. GA-based Optimisation of Reliability Design. Mitsuo Gen and Jong Ryul Kim.

SECTION 3: Evolutionary Art

9. The Mutation and Growth of Art by Computers. Stephen Todd and William Latham.

10. Evolving Genetic Art. Michael Witbrock & Scott Neil Reilly

11. Evolutionary Art and Form. Andrew Rowbottom.

SECTION 4: Evolutionary Artificial Life

12. Artificial Embryology and Cellular Differentiation. Hugo de Garis

13. Evolving Three-Dimensional Morphology and Behaviour. Karl Sims.

14. Exploring Three-Dimensional Design Worlds using Lindenmeyer Systems and Genetic Programming. T. Broughton, Paul Coates, Helen Jackson.

SECTION 5: Creative Evolutionary Design

15. Evolving Designs by Generating Useful Complex Gene Structures. Mike Rosenman and John Gero.

16. The Design of Analog Circuits by Means of Genetic Programming. John Koza, Forrest H Bennet III, David Andre, Martin A Keane.

17. The Evolution of Buildable Objects. Pablo Funes and Jordan Pollack

 18. From Coffee Tables to Hospitals: Generic Evolutionary Design. Peter Bentley.

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