Funded Projects

An Integrated Model of Audio/Symbolic Music Similarity
(CI) 2014-2015

AHRC Digital Transformations Amplification Award
(in collaboration with City University (lead) and Lancaster University).

Digital Music Lab
(CI) 2014-2015

AHRC Big Data Programme
(in collaboration with City University (lead), Queen Mary University of London, The British Library, and I Like Music).

MiCLUES: Musical instrument Collection articuLation for User-driven Exploration with Smart-devices 
(PI) Jan-Dec 2014
(in collaboration with the Royal College of Music Museum of Instruments, funded by the 
Arts Council England Share Academy programme).

Computer-Human Interactive Performance Symposium (CHIPS) 
(PI), 2012
AHRC Digital Transformations Programme
Please see this page for more information about CHIPS.

CREST: Centre for Research in Evolution, Search and Testing Platform Grant
(CI) 2009-2014
This project supports the long-term agenda of the CREST centre.

SLIM: SLIcing state based Models (CI) 2008-2011
This project developed new ways to approach the slicing of state-based models.

EPSRC Collaborating for Success through People Programme
This project supported a range of activities to develop collaborative activity in the digital humanities.  I worked with several musicologists in the CHARM project and these collaborations continue through my involvement in CMPCP.

A-Club (CI) 2007-2008
This project investigated methods for breaking dependence clusters in source code.

EvoTest (CI) 2006-2009 
This project developed search-based methods for test data generation.

SOSoRNet (PI) 2005-2008
This was an EPSRC network around Service-Oriented Software.

ASTReNet (CI) 2005-2008
This was an EPSRC network in Slicing, Analysis and Transformation

CONTRACTS (PI) 2005-2008
This project aimed to unify concept assignment with program slicing to support the use of high-level criteria.

CoMoS (PI) 2002-2005
EPSRC FastStream
This project extended my PhD research to develop better methods for concept assignment in source code.

Hypothesis-Based Concept Assignment to Support Software Maintenance 1997-2000 (PhD Student) 
This was my Phd research project and was part of:

SABA: Software as A Business Asset 1997-2000
EPSRC Systems Engineering for Business Process Change (SEBPC) programme

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