I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at University College London.  I am a member of CREST, the Software Systems Engineering group, the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, and a Core Member of the EPSRC Communities and Culture Network+.  From 2009-2014 I was an Associate of the AHRC Research Centre for Musical Performance as Creative Practice (CMPCP). Prior to UCL, I was a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer at King’s College London where I helped to found CREST as its deputy director, and before that was a Lecturer at UMIST/University of Manchester.  I received my PhD from the University of Durham in 2000.  

My research focuses developing methods (and thus tools) to help people understand (and possibly change) the products of human creativity in particular, software and music.  I am particularly interested in dependence analysis and program slicing, computational musicology, and the relationship between software engineering and music.  My work draws on methods in software engineering and digital humanities.  This site has more information about my research (including publications) and  teaching.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.  If you are visiting me at UCL, please refer to these directions.

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