Machine Learning Seminars at CS-UCL

  • Directions: Seminars are held in the Pearson Building. [Map]
  • Seminars in 2004:

    Jan 28, Wednesday, 16:00--17:00, Room 203
    Chu Wei (Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, UCL)
    Bayesian Segmental Model for Protein Structure Prediction [More Info]

    February 11, Wednesday, 15:00--16:00, Room 203
    Manfred Opper (Aston University)
    Tractable Inference for Probabilistic Models [More Info]

    March 4, Thursday, 16:00--17:00, Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre (* Note unusual place)
    John Shaw-Taylor (University of Southampton)
    Patterns in Data: from Kepler to the age of information [More Info]

    Mar 31, Wednesday, 15:00--16:00, Room 203
    Santosh Venkatesh (University of Pennsylvania)
    Coverage and Connectivity in Metric Random Graphs [More Info]

    April 14, Wednesday, 15:00--16:00, Room 203
    Thore Graepel (Microsoft Research, Cambridge)
    Invariant Pattern Recognition by Semidefinite Programming Machines [More Info]

    June 11
    Sean Holden (Cambridge University)
    Title TBA [More Info]

    Date TBA
    Stephen Muggleton (CS Dept, Imperial College)
    Probabilistic Relational Kernels

    Date TBA
    Marley Vellasco (PUC Rio de Janeiro)
    An introduction to fuzzy inference systems

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  • Previous seminars in 2003:

    November 18, Tuesday, 16:00--17:00, Room 203
    Misha Belkin (University of Chicago)
    Laplacian Eigenmaps [More Info]

    November 26, Wednesday, 15:00--16:00, Room 203
    Shiro Ikeda (Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo)
    Belief propagation from information geometrical viewpoint [More Info]

    December 3, Wednesday, 15:00--16:00, Room 203
    Martin Anthony (London School of Economics)
    Using hyperplanes iteratively for classification [More Info]

    December 9, Tuesday, 16:00--17:00, Room 203
    Yuri Kalnishkan (Royal Holloway University of London)
    Predictive Complexity [More Info]

    December 17, Wednesday, 12:00--13:00, Room 203
    Wayne Lawton (National University of Singapore)
    Spatially Adaptive Learning Theory [More Info]

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