The UCL Vision and Imaging Science Group Seminar Series

Tuesdays 12-1 in room 6.12

Upcoming talks:

07/04/09Shahrum Nedjati-GilaniModels for fanning and bending sub-voxel structures in diffusion MRI
14/04/09Easter college closure
21/04/09Christos PanagiotouTBA
28/04/09Mike CrosierTBA
05/05/09Yuan RuanTBA
12/05/09Torben SchneiderTBA
19/05/09Guang YangTBA
26/05/09Yun FuTBA
02/06/09Andrew NewellTBA
09/06/09Bernard SiowTBA

Past talks:

31/03/09Simon PrinceAdditive logistic models for visual classification
24/03/09Jania AghajanianPatch-based probabilistic models for within-object classification
17/03/09Gemma MorganNew Biomarkers for schizophrenia from diffusion MRI
03/03/09Phani ChinchapatnamInverse electrophysiologic mapping for guiding cardiac procedures
24/02/09Umar MohammedStochastic generation of realistic content
17/02/09Tony ShepherdNonlinear dynamics for statistical shape modelling and semiautomatic segmentation
10/02/09Gabriel BrostowSegmentation and recognition using structure from motion point clouds
03/02/09Vadim SolovievPractical application of variational approaches for solving inverse problems of reconstruction of fluorescent and optical parameters in highly light scattering media
27/01/09Alastair MooreSegmentation lattices
20/01/09Laura PanagiotakiExploring models of diffusion MR signal in white matter
13/01/09Athanasios ZacharopoulosFrom Boundary measurements to a 3D image, the shape based approach
06/01/08Martin LillholmObject recognition using basic image features
30/12/08Christmas break
23/12/08No seminar
16/12/08Justus van de SandeBIF-based classification of neuronal boundaries
09/12/08Jonathan WarrellMulti-class scene labeling using epitome models
02/12/08Peng LiAdvance in probabilistic face recognition
25/11/08Martin SchweigerMultispectral imaging in optical tomography
18/11/08Hubert FonteijnClustering the human brain on the basis of DTI and Resting-state fMRI data
11/11/08Matt HallMonte-Carlo simulation for diffusion MRI