I go by Marios Isaakidis, misaakidis and Prometheas. I am a hacktivist; I develop and support Open Source tools that secure our freedoms in the digital age.

I joined the Information Security Group of the Computer Science Department at University College London in 2016, as a doctoral researcher on Anonymous Communications. My supervisors are Prof. George Danezis and Prof. Mark Handley.

My research interests are mainly anonymity, privacy and decentralization. I have a special interest in censorship circumvention, information security, blockchains and transparent logs, as well as in next-generation network architectures. In a parallel universe I am devoted to space exploration.

In the past I have lead the development of eQualitie's CENO censorship circumvention tool, contributed to the Freenet anonymous publishing platform and acted as a representative for communities such as Mozilla and fedora. Helping found hackerspaces in Cyprus and Greece made me believe in doocracy and in the movement of making. I have also organized a series of events, ranging from space exploration hackathons to cryptoparties and science communication meetups. I always enjoy assisting researchers in exploiting computer science techniques and open datasets as a Software Carpentry instructor, but also journalists, activists, politicians and NGOs secure their communications.

My next projects are the EMEA Internet Observatory and RESISTANSE, a secure email and VPN provider.