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Information and Software Technology

Special Issue
Program Slicing

November/December 1998. Volume 40, Numbers 11 and 12.

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Foreword, Mark Weiser.

Introduction to the Special Issue, Mark Harman and Keith Brian Gallagher.

The Application of Program Slicing to Regression Testing, David Binkley.

Conditioned Program Slicing, Gerardo Canfora, Andrea DeLucia and Aniello Cimitile.

Dynamic Dependence in Term Rewriting Systems and its Application to Program Slicing, John Field and Frank Tip.

Application of Program Slicing in Algorithmic Debugging, Mariam Kamkar.

Dynamic Program Slicing, Bogdan Korel and Jurgen Rilling.

Validation of Measurement Software as an Application of Slicing and Constraint Solving, Jens Krinke and Gregor Snelting.

Restructuring Programs by Tucking Statements into Functions, Arun Lakhotia and Jean-Christophe Deprez.

Program Slices as an Abstraction for Cohesion Measurement, Linda Ott and James Bieman.

Program Analysis via Graph Reachability, Thomas Reps.

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