[ e-mail: m.constantinides at cs dot ucl dot ac dot uk ]

[ contact: 1ES 5th Floor, London Media Technology Campus (UCL/BBC)
40 Melton Street, NW1 2FD, London, UK ]

Born in 1988 and raised in Cyprus, I am currently a Ph.D Student in the Department of Computer Science at University College London (UCL) under Dr. John Dowell supervision. I am also part of the HCI group UCLIC at UCL.
My research interests revolve around the area of Human-Computer Interaction and Machine Learning, with main focus on understanding human behaviour, user modeling and apply those in personalised user interfaces for mobile devices. My PhD research involves monitoring and understanding users' news reading behaviour, recognising patterns of stereotypical news reading behaviour and developing an automated user interface that would personalise news reading experience on mobile devices.
I hold an MSc (2012- 2013) in Software Systems Engineering from UCL, and a BSc. in Computer Science from University of Cyprus (UCY) (2008-2012). During my MSc I worked on more software oriented projects. My MSc thesis focused on implementing a REST-ful web service API for IoT and enabling Gadgeteer devices to use these services through a lightweight and easy to use library. During my BSc thesis, I implemented a framework for the automatic reconstruction and delivery of Web content, based on cognitive and human factors.

Curriculum Vitae: [Marios Constantinides CV.pdf]