I am a tenure-track Senior Lecturer (U.S. equivalent: Associate Prof.) in the Systems and Networks Group at the Department of Computer Science at University College London. I received the PhD in 2008 from Hari Balakrishnan at MIT.

My research interests are in all aspects of computer networks, from the basic architecture of the wireless physical layer to high-level security properties.

With the new challenges that the wireless medium brings to the design of networks, I believe that we need to look across the boundary between the fields of computer networking and digital communications in order to build better wireless networks.


I am seeking graduate students and postdoctoral research associates to join the Systems and Networks Research Group at UCL, working on challenging research problems on unplanned wireless networks, cutting across the digital communications-networking boundary, as part of the CHAOSNETS project funded by the European Research Council (see news release).

Because of the volume of mail I receive I regret that I'm not always able to reply, but I will see your application if you apply to the PhD programme.

Project Suggestions

UCL MEng, NCS, BSc students: see project ideas (UCL only).


Office: MPEB 7.02

PGP public key
UK 020 7679 1390
International +44 20 7679 1390

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Department of Computer Science
University College London
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