Research Interests


Awards: Best Software Science paper (Theory Track) at ETAPS 2009

Programme Committees: International Workshop on Interference and Dependence (ID) 2013,
Testing: Academic and Industrail Conference Practise and Research Techniques (TAIC PART) 2013,
The 1st Student Conference on Optimisation of Software (StuConOs) 2012,
International Conference on Model Transformation (ICMT) 2010,

In 2012 I attended: 17th CREST Open Workshop, 19th CREST Open Workshop (which I organised together with David Clark),
20th CREST Open Workshop,

In 2010 I attended: Spring School in Security (I helped with the organisation),
3rd CREST Open Workshop, 5th CREST Open Workshop, ICSE , 7th CREST Open Workshop,
Women in IT conference, Dagstuhl Seminar:Model-Based Testing in Practice, 8th CREST Open Workshop,
9th CREST Open Workshop, 10th CREST Open Workshop

In 2009 I attended: ETAPS, TAROT Summer School on Software Testing, LASER Summer School,
1st CREST Open Workshop, 2nd CREST Open Workshop, Testing meets Verification Workshop

Research Projects

I have previously worked on the following research projects:

Erdos Number

My current Erdos number is 5 based on the path: