HiCoRe: HIerarchical COmpositional REpresentation for computer vision

Joung Researcher Award of the French National Research Foundation (ANR-JCJC), 2010-2014.
Our goal is to develop computational mechanisms for inference and learning in hierarchical, shape-based object representations.

RECONFIG: Cognitive, Decentralized Coordination of Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Systems via Reconfigurable Task Planning

European Union FP7 ICT-9 Project, 2013-2016
Our goal is to use 3D object understanding and localization as a medium for multi-agent coordination and collaboration.

MOBOT: Intelligent Active MObility Assistance RoBOT integrating Multimodal Sensory Processing, Proactive Autonomy and Adaptive Interaction.

European Union FP7 ICT-9 Project, 2013-2016
Our goal is to equip robotic walking assistants with 3D pose estimation and action recognition capabilities to enable the proactive assistance of elderly users with walking disabilities.

I-SUPPORT: ICT-Supported bath robots

European Union FP7 H2020 Project, 2015-2018
Our goal is to use 3D human pose estimation in a service robotics system aimed at assisting the elderly in bathing activities.